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February 09, 2023 4 min read

Do you want to unlock your sexual power naturally? Remember this word, pre-foreplay. It’s about reducing any anxiety and inducing a sexual-readiness mentality. Increasing sensual awareness, feeling really in touch with yourself to free your carnal goddess energy.  Pre-foreplay is all about the mental prep to make you feel sexy before physical foreplay. 


Reminiscent of the sassy words from American poet Maya Angelou, “that I dance like I’ve got diamonds, at the meeting of my thighs”. You need to be sexually excited, feel confident and completely relaxed to let your inhibitions and worries go.

Tuned in and turned on!

Calming your body and releasing anxiety increases pleasure if you’re looking for a 10/10 experience.  There are ways to root out anxiety and nourish yourself, to get physical prepared, and a very successful way is to prep, using these secret herbs. They have a specificity for your sexual well-being, reducing and reversing the effects of stress, naturally balancing sex hormones and targeting all our sexual organs, the biggest one being the brain!

Gone are the days were your mojo disappeared and never came back. We are going to tackle the main causes of proverbial sex-blocks so you can look forward to the bliss of release and abandonment.

“Let herbs be part of your pre-foreplay.”

There’s a stress hormone called cortisol and when its triggered, high levels can supress your desire. Hormones affect mood and can increase irritation and make you feel grouchy! This is a killer for intimacy in relationships and causes stress for you and your partner.  The secret herb that combats anxiety and raises libido is Turneraalso called Damiana. It contains flavonoids and arbutine that curtail anxiety, pain, fatigue, and stress by diminishing an overactive stress response leading to anxiety and depression.  

Even low to moderate depression reduces the desire for sex, however the great news is that depression is among the most treatable of disorders and along with taking Turnera, a therapist can guide you to minimise depression and find that libido.


Herbal Angelica root extracts will make you feel devilish when it comes to sex. Yay! There’s a time for everything, right? It’s known as female ginseng and enriches blood, getting the circulation to the reproductive organs, vulva, labia and clitoris.

Women are built for experiencing pleasure. Let me remind you the clit has double the number of nerves than a penis with a whopping 9800-11,000! Your blood and fluid circulation are seriously important, and Angelica improves microcirculation and vasodilative effects.  Taken for a prolonged time you can get a double benefit! Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory natural plant compounds work on digestive discomfort, body and joint pain or headaches and migraines.

It’s also effective for proper heart function and is often used as a tonic for stroke recovery. Angelica assists premenstrual syndrome, intermittent and long-term menstrual bleeding and spotting, prickly skin, hot flashes and night flushes with sweating, irregular cycles, and menopausal symptoms.  


A goat herder discovered this herbal weed watching his goats become more sexually prolific after eating Epimedium aka Horny Goat Weed. This ambidextrous herb - works for women and men.  Hallelujah! Icariin is a natural compound found in Horny Goat Weed that supports healthy levels of testosterone in women essential for sex drive. It won’t elevate your testosterone making it too high, it’s more of a body hormone balancer like its herbal companion Tribulus. Many herbs have more benefits than one and many people don’t know that Horny Goat Weed can protect against bone loss in late postmenopausal women, and it can thicken the endometrial lining that suggests it may support fuller tissue of the vagina, labia and vulva. This is a great news because thinning skin and reduction in fullness can cause inflammation, small vaginal tears and pain during sex.


The benefits that come with taking Tribulus herb can make you tremble with desire.  Have you ever heard of HSDD? It’s when you don’t want sex but due to libido loss, it’s impacting on your mood, intimate relationships and causing distress! One study showed that Tribulus was effective in improving sex drive, arousal, lubrication production and sexual satisfaction especially for those (HSDD), that have had long periods where their libido had disappeared as a distant memory.


When you start taking these 4 secret herbs together, as part of your healing libido mission, your brain and body will start to get switched on for your pre-foreplay plan. You’ve heard the saying if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it? You’ll be making neuronal brain pathways that switch your libido on when you start taking the right herbs.  

Unknown facts that you need to know! Herbs take time to work on average 2-3 weeks. You must think of taking these herbs everyday without fail and continue if you want to keep the results up to avoid dropping back to square one. Taking a break from them is a myth. If you take these secret herbs together, get your creative juices flowing, and let it become part of your beautiful pre-foreplay ritual, just as important as mood lighting, music and a perfectly planned place.


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