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Are you having satisfying sex?

There is all manner of motivations that drive our sexual activity – connection, desire, procreation and love to name just a few. While everybody’s motivations can differ, and certainly change over time, there is no doubt that sexual health plays an important role in our overall health and wellbeing throughout our lifetime.


As we age so many changes occur, and rightly so. I don’t know many people that wish to be in the emotional phases of their youth, or who would trade in their wisdom or financial success for another round in their teens. There are so many wonderful things that can come with age, like knowing ourselves better, finding true authentic connections and love; though chat honestly to most couples and they may admit that their libido (sex drive) simply isn’t what it used to be.


There can be several reasons for a decrease in sexual desire, virility or sexual performance, and the impact of changes in sexual health will impact each person differently. The most common causes are frequently tied to stress. Stress of work, responsibilities such as children or aged parents to care for, financial burdens, relationship challenges, poor physical health from years of bad habits. There of course may be physiological factors at play such as low testosterone, poor cardiovascular health including blood flow issues causing erectile difficulty or sluggish metabolism or poor adrenal function leading to low energy.


Fortunately, a good diet rich in key nutrients can help with a lot of these challenges. Zinc is possibly one of the best-known nutrients to support men’s fertility, sexual health and vitality. Vitamins A, C, E and the B group are important not only for sexual function, but also for general metabolic health and adrenal health. Just as important as what we put into our bodies, is what we want to steer clear of. If you’re finding it difficult to have a satisfying sex life you may want to make sure you’re not drinking alcohol or too much coffee and while you’re at it, knock the fatty or sugary processed foods on the head too. Eat real, fresh food, be sure to add more plant matter to your plate – plants are loaded with vitamins, trace minerals and fibre.


Drink lots of water, build up to around 8 glasses per day, more if you are very physical or it’s hot. Find ways to move everyday - this is especially important if you have a desk bound job. Movement isn’t just about exercise – although strength and cardiovascular training will certainly help in the endurance and performance department. Movement is also about getting out of your routine, walking, heck, even sitting and meditating in nature can bring many wonderful benefits, including reducing stress.


There are many wonderful medicinal herbs that can help too. From supporting healthy testosterone levels, reducing stress and anxiety, helping healthy blood flow, sexual function and libido.


Like most health goals, a healthy, satisfying sex life requires a combination of good diet, exercise, stress management, mental and emotional wellbeing and perhaps a few quality medicinal herbs.


These measures can take time to reach their full effect, they aren’t a quick fix, but if you make the effort to properly address all these factors you could be looking at a lifetime of healthy, fulfilling sexual vitality.