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Relieve Fatigue



If you feel like you’re constantly tired and have trouble staying awake even while doing stimulating activities, you could be suffering from fatigue. Unlike tiredness, which we all experience from time to time, fatigue is characterised by a constant lack of energy and lingering tiredness that limits your ability to function normally. It is a persistent and unexplained exhaustion that never seems to go away.

Fatigue may cause you to wake up in the morning feeling as though you haven’t slept a wink, or you may not be able to function effectively at work or get normal household chores and activities done. Fatigue is often accompanied by a lack of motivation and low desire. It could even prevent you from managing important daily affairs.

The three pillars of good health are adequate sleep, healthy eating and regular exercise. According to sleep expert Dr. Theodore Friedman, “if you aren't getting good sleep, it's hard to eat well, and it's hard to exercise. And the same is true the other way around. They're all related”.

So, try not to short-change yourself on shut-eye. Adults need 7 to 9 hours of sleep. Eat a balanced diet of fruits, veggies and lean protein, and get a regular dose of physical activity. If you've checked all those boxes and you still drag through your days, it might be time to check possible medical causes of fatigue.


In most cases, there is an explanation for fatigue. Here are some of the more common health conditions thought to cause fatigue:

  1. Coeliac disease. This is a type of food intolerance, where your body reacts badly when you eat gluten – a substance found in bread, cakes and cereals. Other symptoms of coeliac disease, apart from tiredness, are diarrhoea, anaemia and weight loss.
  2. Anaemia. One of the more common medical reasons for feeling constantly run down is an iron deficiency, called anaemia. It affects around 1 in 20 men and postmenopausal women, but may be even more common in women who are still having periods. Typically, you'll feel you can't be bothered to do anything, your muscles will feel heavy, and you'll get tired very quickly.
  3. Chronic fatigue syndrome. Chronic fatigue syndrome (myalgic encephalomyelitis, or ME) is a severe and disabling tiredness that goes on for at least six months. There are usually other symptoms, such as a sore throat, muscle or joint pain, and headache.
  4. Sleep apnoea. Sleep apnoea is a condition where your throat narrows or closes during sleep and repeatedly interrupts your breathing. This results in bad snoring and a drop in your blood's oxygen levels. The difficulty in breathing means you wake up often in the night and feel exhausted the next day. It's most common in overweight middle-aged men. Drinking alcohol and smoking makes it worse.
  5. Underactive thyroid. An underactive thyroid gland means you have too little thyroxine in your body. This makes you feel tired. You're also likely to put on weight and have aching muscles. It's most common in women and happens more often as you get older.
  6. Diabetes. One of the main symptoms of diabetes, a long-term condition caused by too much sugar in the blood, is feeling very tired. The other key symptoms are feeling very thirsty, going to the toilet a lot, and weight loss.
  7. Glandular fever. Glandular fever is a common viral infection that causes fatigue, along with fever, sore throat and swollen glands. Symptoms usually clear up within four to six weeks, but the fatigue can linger for several more months.
  8. Depression. As well as making you feel very sad, depression can also make you feel drained of energy. It can stop you falling asleep or cause you to wake up early in the morning, which makes you feel more tired during the day.
  9. Restless legs. This is when you get uncomfortable sensations in your legs, which keep you awake at night.

You might have an overwhelming urge to keep moving your legs, a deep ache in your legs, or your legs might jerk spontaneously through the night. Whatever your symptoms, your sleep will be disrupted and of poor quality, so you'll feel very tired throughout the day.

  1. Anxiety. Feeling anxious is sometimes perfectly normal. But some people have constant uncontrollable feelings of anxiety, which are so strong they affect their daily life. Doctors call this generalised anxiety disorder (GAD) and it affects around 1 in 20 people. As well as feeling worried and irritable, people with GAD often feel tired.
  2. Thyroid problems. The thyroid helps control how you use energy. People with an underactive thyroid may feel tired and sluggish, and their reflexes are slow.
  3. Heart Disease. Extreme tiredness is a common symptom of congestive heart failure, which happens when it doesn't pump as well as it should. If you have it, your fatigue usually gets worse when you exercise. You might also have swelling in your arms or legs and shortness of breath.
  4. Menopause. If you're a woman who's going through menopause, you may find it hard to get good sleep. Women tend to get night sweats and hot flushes. That can keep you up at night and leave you dragging during the day.


Here are some easy ways to reduce fatigue and its symptoms:

  1. Exercise. Exercise is one of the best and cheapest fatigue fighters available. It’s a natural remedy for fatigue and stress as it releases endorphin chemicals in the brain, which act like natural painkillers and mood-lifters. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of exercise several days a week. Yoga or Tai Chi are ancient forms of low impact exercise that provide physical activity as well as relaxation techniques.
  2. Sleep. Try and set a regular sleep routine, making especially sure you are getting up at the same time each day – even on weekends. Your body will eventually settle into and appreciate the routine. If you feel like you need more sleep, just go to bed earlier rather than sleeping in. If you need a nap during the day, keep it shorter than half an hour. Anything longer than this and your body will want more and you’ll be groggy when you wake up.
  3. Drink thoughtfully. Sip water all day long, at least eight glasses. Don’t wait until you’re thirsty, because your ‘thirst alarm’ isn’t always accurate. Even a little dehydration can make you fatigued. Keep caffeinated drinks to a minimum. The caffeine in coffee and some sodas can give you a short-term burst of energy, but following that ‘rush,’ there can be a ‘crash.’ Limit alcohol consumption. Alcohol depresses your central nervous system and it also reduces your blood sugar level.
  4. Follow a healthy diet. Eat a good breakfast, together with several small meals and healthy snacks throughout the day. Go easy on foods high in refined carbohydrates (that is, with lots of white sugar or white flour). Eat more high-fibre foods that are rich in complex carbohydrates, such as whole-grain cereals, whole-wheat bread, and vegetables. Cut down on your intake of fatty foods. Eating spinach once a day is an old-time remedy for relieving fatigue – it contains potassium as well as many B vitamins, all of which are important to energy metabolism.
  5. Natural supplements. There is a range of herbs used for centuries that can help reduce fatigue, stress and anxiety. Reputable herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite contain effective anti-stress supplements.

There are many downsides to fatigue, because of the long-term damage it causes. Used in conjunction with physical fatigue relievers, fatigue tablets or supplements can help you get a handle on your exhaustion more quickly and effectively and help you get your life back on track.


Here are some of the benefits of using good quality fatigue-relieving pills like Herbal Ignite:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety levels.
  • Better quality sleep.
  • Improved mood and emotions.
  • Better concentration and energy levels.
  • Increased productivity and physical and mental performance.
  • Improved health.


Herbal Ignite for Men and Women is an over-the-counter dietary supplement taken daily with food. It helps relieve fatigue and stress in both men and women. Herbal Ignite for Men also increase men’s health, and improves nerve function and genital blood flow. Herbal Ignite for Women supports pre-menstrual tension and menopause, helps restore levels to a healthy balance.


The three key herbs in Ignite for Men – Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed and Avena Sativa – have been used in traditional medicine for centuries to rejuvenate men’s intimate health. The herb Tribulus Terrestris is available in capsule form in herbal supplements like Herbal Ignite.

In the last 30 years, the traditional use of these herbs has been supported by some scientific studies, but there is still a lot we don’t understand about how exactly the active ingredients in these herbs work.

  • Tribulus Terrestris lifts improves intimate activity and muscular strength. It also generates male energy, confidence and stamina and men using Herbal Ignite report an improved sense of wellbeing. It works only within the body's natural limits to help men achieve their strength and muscular potential.
  • Horny Goat Weed increases desire and performance. The active ingredients in this herb are PDE-5 inhibitors, which increase blood flow to the penis and help with better erections.
  • Avena Sativa relieves stress and increases desire. Many men notice a decline in drive and strength because of the effects of stress and long working hours; this herb helps counter the effects of our tough modern lifestyle.


Herbal Ignite for Women contains four key ingredients:

  • Damiana is the key fatigue and stress fighter in Herbal Ignite for Women. Known as the ‘ultimate feel good herb’ for women, it combats fatigue, relaxes the body, reduces stress and anxiety, lifts mood and enhances intimate response. It also to  control hot flushes and is renowned for its desire enhancing qualities.
  • Dong Quai is known as ‘the women’s herb’ or ‘female ginseng’ because it is recognised in traditional Asian medicine as an excellent all-purpose women’s herb. It is used to calm nerves, relieve anxiety and mood swings, aid in the treatment of various skin conditions, promote youthfulness, reduce stress and is also considered effective in treating cancer. It also helps restore hormonal balance, improve menstrual regularity and relieves PMS and hot flushes.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is a general tonic that balances and boosts vitality and sense of wellbeing and supports reproductive health. 
It also supports intimate drive, ovulation and reproduction.
  • Horny Goat Weed has been used in traditional medicine as an aphrodisiac to improve intimate response and function and create a feeling of wellbeing during menopause. Horny Goat Weed has been used since ancient times to promote physical and mental energy. It stimulates desire by enhancing intimate response and orgasm, relieves symptoms associated with PMS and menopause, relieves stress and aids in the treatment of osteoporofsis. Horny goat weed contains a flavonoid called Icariin that assists to increase nitric oxide levels relaxing genital muscles in men and women, promoting erections and orgasms. Horny goat weed influences cortisol to help relieve stress.

Herbal Ignite has been used successfully by thousands of men and women in New Zealand and Australia to help beat stress, fatigue and satisfaction. It is 100% natural and free of unpleasant side effects. It is made in New Zealand to the highest standards, with thorough testing and guarantees of no adulteration or undeclared ingredients.

Disclaimer. This information is provided for general informational purposes only and does not substitute for the advice provided by your medical professional. Always seek specific medical advice for treatment appropriate to you. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.