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Natural Prostate Supplements

Prostate Power Flow naturally works to help reduce frequent toilet visits, prostate discomfort and the enlargement of the prostate. Many men experience a reduction in their need for urgent and frequent toilet visits.

Natural Prostate Health Supplements

Your prostate gland lives inside your body just below your bladder and is the tube that carries pee from your bladder through your penis. It also plays an important role in the male reproductive system by producing prostate fluid, one of the components of semen. When the prostate gland, which is about the size of a walnut, becomes inflamed or enlarged, this may adversely affect urination (causing men to need to pee urgently & frequently), prostate discomfort and sexual function. One way to help reduce this happening is to take natural prostate supplements.

Herbal prostate supplements can help ease the symptoms caused by an inflamed or enlarged prostate. Prostate health supplements may contain herbs like Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Selenium and Zinc. When taken in a single supplement, this combination of natural ingredients can help improve prostate function, urine flow and discomfort.  

This may mean fewer trips to the bathroom, better sleep, reduced urinary discomfort and an improved level of general well-being.

Intenza’s 100% natural and plant based Prostate Power Flow supplement has been shown to support good prostate health in many of our customers. Read what they say here.

Supporting Prostate Health 

As men get older, they start experiencing changes in their prostate gland. Commonly, the prostate can become enlarged, which may adversely affect urine flow and contribute towards general irritability.

These changes may start to influence your mental and physical health. We recommend taking a holistic approach to improving your prostate health. This may mean making changes to your diet and increasing your levels of exercise on top of taking a daily prostate support product like Prostate Power Flow.

Prostate Supplement FAQs 

How can I improve my prostate health? 

If you experience prostate discomfort or find yourself taking too many trips to the bathroom, you may wish to consider taking a daily natural prostate health supplement. Combined with changes in your diet and exercise regime you should see an improvement in your prostate and overall wellbeing.

What are prostate supplements? 

Natural prostate supplements are taken daily and contain natural herbs that help improve your prostate health and general wellbeing. For example, our Prostate Power Flow herbal prostate supplement is 100% natural and contains a mix of Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Selenium, and Zinc.

What is the best prostate supplement? 

Intenza has manufactured and sold natural health supplements in NZ and overseas for over 20 years. Our Prostate Power Flow prostate support product is an all-natural formula containing Saw Palmetto, Lycopene, Selenium, and Zinc. Many customers have experienced improvements in their prostate health after taking our men’s prostate support supplement.

Do prostate supplements really work? 

While natural prostate supplements are not a silver bullet to cure all the issues caused by an inflamed or enlarged prostate, our extensive research has shown that they do help. Many clients have experienced improvements in their prostate health, especially when combined with dietary and fitness changes. Read what they say about Prostate Power Flow here.