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Men's Libido & Sexual Health Supplements

Herbal Ignite for Him products are 100% natural over-the-counter supplements to support healthy erections and libido, energy and stamina levels and stress and fatigue. These male libido supplements help improve libido, boost performance in bed and improve overall health.

Male Sexual Health Supplements 

If you are suffering from low libido, or underperformance, there are libido pills that can help increase men’s sexual health. These 100% natural sexual health supplements have been used by thousands of men in New Zealand, Australia, and the rest of the world to boost their libido, improve their performance, and lift their overall health.

A challenge is deciding which sexual health supplements to take and which ones you can trust. There are a number of brands available, and it can be hard to work out which ones work best.

Our male sexual health supplement Herbal Ignite for Him has been on the market for the past 25 years and we have many satisfied customers. This supplement has been improved with the launch our new and enhanced Herbal Ignite for Him Max product with ingredients that have been clinically and scientifically proven in human trials to support libido. Both products are tried and tested libido boosters that have worked for men of all ages. We are confident they will work to support your libido too.

Natural Libido Boosters for Men

Viagra is one the world’s most well-known pharmaceutical options to help men with erectile dysfunction and low libido. However, what isn’t discussed enough are the potential side effects that can result from taking such pharmaceutical products.

Natural supplements for men’s libido, such as Herbal Ignite for Him Max don’t usually result in side effects. They not only give your libido a boost but also help improve your overall health.

Herbal Ignite Him Max works to:

  • Support normal blood circulation and erections
  • Support stress and fatigue
  • Support mental clarity and focus
  • Support energy and stamina
  • Support the maintenance of healthy sexual function health.

These Herbal Ignite for Him pills are taken daily and only contain natural ingredients. We know they work for many men because we have glowing testimonials from many satisfied customers about our men’s sexual health supplements.

Men's Libido Supplement FAQs

What vitamins help a man’s libido?
Herbal Ignite for Him Max contains a mixture of natural ingredients including Tribulus Terrestris, Epimedium Brevicornum (Horny Goat Weed) leaf, KSM-66 Ashwagandha, Zinc (from Gluconate), Enzogenol (Pine Bark extract), Black Pepper, Broccoli Sprout, Enostim 600 mg, and Vitamin D3V.

What is the best supplement for men’s libido?
There are a number of brands on the market, but you can be confident that Herbal Ignite for Him Max has been tested and approved. The unique herbal ingredients are what makes Herbal Ignite so effective. Many men have overcome poor sexual performance and reduced libido by taking our male libido supplements.

What are the best vitamins for erectile dysfunction?
The natural plant based ingredients in Intenza’s Herbal Ignite for Him Max product, described below, have a long history of traditional use and have demonstrated their safety and efficacy in clinical trials. A brief summary is described below.

The key ingredients with the highest level of evidence from clinical trials are:

  • Tribulus has been shown in multiple human clinical trials to support male sexual function and libido.
  • Withania/Ashwaganda KSM66, the world's best Ashwaganda, has been shown in multiple human clinical trials to support male sexual and cognitive function as well as reducing the negative effects of stress.
  • Pine Bark as Enzogenol has been shown in clinical trials to support blood vessel health and blood flow.
  • Saffron and polyphenolics in the form of the extract Enostim has been shown in multiple human clinical studies to support male sexual function and libido.
  • The above key herbal ingredients are combined with the nutritional supplements zinc, selenium, vitamin D, and sulforaphane (from broccoli sprout) which have demonstrated benefits for supporting key cellular biochemical pathways that support testosterone (the primary sex hormone in males) metabolism and hormone balance.
Do men’s libido boosters work?
It’s natural to be skeptical of natural men’s sexual health supplements – however, you can trust that our many happy customers have improved their sexual performance from taking our Herbal Ignite for Him range of libido supplements. They report improvements in their energy levels, sexual performance, and libido.

All Intenza products are tested for safety.