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Herbal Ignite supplements for both men and women offer a natural alternative for sexual health concerns. Naturally support your libido, energy, stamina and overall health and wellbeing.

Herbal Ignite Range
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Herbal Ignite supplements for both men and women offer a natural alternative to pharmaceutical sexual medications like Viagra. Taken daily, our range of sexual health supplements may increase your libido, boost your sexual performance, and support your overall health and wellbeing.


Herbal Ignite offers three sexual health supplements. Herbal Ignite for Him, Herbal Ignite for Her, and our new advanced formula Herbal Ignite for Him Max. When you buy Herbal Ignite you can be confident all our supplements have been formulated by our expert team using the best herbs and vitamins. 

Herbal ignite works holistically to improve your sexual health and performance. Each product in the Herbal Ignite range has been thoroughly researched and tested.  Our original Herbal Ignite for Him and Herbal Ignite for Her have been used safely by thousands of men and women in New Zealand and around the world. 


The good news is Herbal Ignite is for sale online. We have sold our sexual health supplements for over 20 years through our website, as well as our dedicated phone line. We offer a convenient and discreet online ordering system so you can get your shipment of Herbal Ignite delivered directly to your door. We ship all over the world and shipments within New Zealand are completely free. 

To find out how Herbal Ignite has worked for our customers read the reviews below. 


I’ve been enjoying the Intenza products for a few years now and 4 months ago purchased a 3 month supply of Herbal Ignite Max - which truely gave me the energy of a 40 year old again. Neal

Hi Rob, just letting you know what an awesome product Herbal Ignite is. There seems to be very few products on the market today that truly live up to the claims made about them by their makers, but Herbal Ignite certainly does, 100 percent! By about the 4th day of starting them it was already working. A really great product we'll keep getting. Andy G

Honestly after i received the first bottle on monday.. took them straight away... by Wednesday i could tell there was a massive improvement... i knew it was Herbal Ignite so i ordered 4 more bottles asap... its been missing for over a year for me now and being only 41 (type 1 diabetic) i was starting to feel pretty miserable to struggle with not being able to maintain an erection or even get one thats very weak and now its like im in my 20s... I was a bit skeptical at first but so glad i decided to give it a go... just full confidence now Jay P

Other prescription medicines did not work for me. My erections were often not very strong, and often failed to allow penetration. Since taking your herbal ignite however I have very strong erections, great lasting power, and never fail to reach orgasmic pleasures. I shall continue to take my herbal ignite whilst I feel I have such great sex drive again, there are no side effects for me, other than experiencing frequent early morning wake up erections like I used to get as a teenager. Murray B

Herbal Ignite has multiple benefits, not only has it improved my libido, but it has similar ingredients that are present in other dietary supplements which are good for the liver and kidney. Brent P

Hi Rob, yeah I find your Herbal ignite for her really helps me with hot flushes & keeping me ‘mellow’. Jan M

Herbal Ignite for Her is a great product, it has helped me with hot flushes and menopausal symptoms to a great extent, I am very happy with this and will continue using it”. Glynis W

I have been taking Herbal Ignite for Her for the last couple of months and I have absolutely loved it, I have been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 years and have been unsuccessful, but since taking herbal ignite I have just found out that I’m pregnant :) - Aimee W

Herbal Ignite FAQS


The herbs in Herbal Ignite are all recognized for their therapeutic benefits for supporting sexual health and performance. Herbal Ignite is designed to boost your overall sexual health and wellbeing. Unlike pharmaceutical products like Viagra, you don’t need to ‘pop a pill’ right before sex to perform. 


You will start to see the benefits of taking Herbal Ignite sexual health supplements in as little as one or two weeks. You don’t need to take it continuously – the formulation suffuses your body and helps you to reap positive effects for some time. 


Yes! Herbal Ignite supplements are plant-based, all-natural, gluten and diary free and contain no preservatives, sugars, milk, starch, wheat or yeast derivatives. Herbal Ignite been tested and approved by our expert team. Thousands of customers have taken Herbal Ignite supplements safely over the past 20 years without experiencing adverse side effects.