Got an itch you just can’t scratch?

You may be interested to hear that new research shows not only is eczema linked with increased risk of erectile dysfunction, it might actually be an early warning sign for future ED too.

Eczema Increases Erectile Dysfunction Risk?

In this Taipei Medical University study, the insurance claims of four thousand men recently diagnosed with erectile dysfunction were compared with twenty thousand men of comparable age with no known prior history of ED.

Interestingly enough, the study found that men who suffered from erectile dysfunction were 60% more likely to have had a history of eczema than men who did not.

Researchers Cautious About Conclusions

The researchers stress that there’s at least one important factor to consider though, in interpreting these results: all chronic medical conditions can put stress on relationships, sexual intimacy and functioning. Plus stress and anxiety obviously tend to negatively impact on men’s sex lives, it goes without saying…  

Taipei Medical University’s findings are however supported by previous research into the area, which has uncovered links between ED and not just eczema  but also other skin conditions such as psoriasis. And while the exact mechanism is still unknown, it’s believed to have something to do with how inflammatory conditions may affect blood vessels as well as the skin.

In other words, if eczema suddenly flares up in middle-age, it may be worth taking it seriously. Talk to your doctor or men’s health specialist about the implications on your sexual health and health in general.

What do you think?

Are these findings sound? Could there really be a connection, or are people just hunting for arcane links where none actually exist?