Declining Sex Drives and Lost Sexual Stamina

Once fathers taught their sons the mysteries of life; now fathers look to their sons for help. The ground has been cut out from under, leaving many men feeling like animals without noses. They can't find their way back to the den, can't find their prey, and can't find their mates. 
A middle aged man runs off in a flashy new sports car with a much younger woman. Sixty something Hollywood actor Harrison Ford takes up with a woman 20 years his junior, gets an earring and hits the night club circuit with the stamina of a teenager.

Declining Hopes and Dreams

After early years of hopes and dreams, many middle aged men (anywhere between 40 and 60 years old) don't like their jobs. He wants to sell the house and get a little place in the mountains or a sailboat and sail to the Islands. His partner of two decades is too fat or too thin, too short or too tall. He doesn't like being home. He buys a Harley Davidson, a sports car, a camper van and goes in search of wide open spaces. He changes his hair style, starts a diet and joins the local gym. He says his clothes are too old for him. He says his woman and he have grown apart. He needs time to think about “things”. He wants something but he doesn't know what. He wants a divorce.

Time is Running Out

It's a punch right between the eyes when he realizes he is getting older. There's so much he hasn't done. Time is running out. He can't keep up this stress of being husband, father, breadwinner! He's getting older — his hair is thinning, his waist is thickening, his muscles are flabby, his face is wrinkling, he has a t-shirt with little hand prints saying “we love you, gramps” in childish scrawl. He is feeling emotions he's never felt before. And occasionally he is impotent. It's just too much!! He can't handle it! He doesn't want to be an old man!!
He is tired of his body and he is tired of the demands on his time. He has had it with increasing pressures at work. He's like a hamster, caught in his cage, running on his wheel, he has to keep running or he will lose his balance... and he loses the urge.

Declining Sexual Potency

Sexual therapists report that over the last 15 years the “Not tonight dear I'm not in the mood” complaints are coming from men more often than women. Not surprising, for just when life is putting a man's lifelong ambitions in a headlock, his natural sexual potency is also draining away.  Suddenly he is the one facing Low Libido problems.
The medical profession has long debated whether there is a Male Menopause. 

Men's sexual peak usually occurs at around the age of 18, when testosterone, the key male sex hormone, is at its highest levels. For most, it's usually downhill from there, for some, significant declines in sexual performance can occur as early as in their late 20s. Testosterone falls by 1% a year after the age of 40. After 50, 50% of men complain about episodes of Erectile Dysfunction when they could not perform as they wished. 
Alpha males like prolific Oscar winning Anthony Quinn (Zorba the Greek) father children in their 8th and 9th decades, but for many men aging means longer times to achieve full erection, less firm erections, lower libido or lower sex drive, a decline in sexual stamina, and decreased sexual pleasure.

How Does Nature Fit Into the Changes of a Middle Aged Man?

You only need to look back to nature, that source of primal energy and instinct, to see how important testosterone is in the animal kingdom, where during the deer roar stags boost testosterone levels by a factor of 12 during the months of the rutting season. 
The good news is restoring natural virility with the fruits of nature is if anything more achievable for second millennial man as it was for his BC predecessors. Modern science is uncovering why some of the herbs traditionally used in ChinaIndia, and Europe for thousands of years worked.
Modern analysis has identified the key active ingredients in the herbs Caveman ate indiscriminately.  Those actives can be isolated, extracted, measured, and encapsulated in natural health products which can then be tested to guarantee quality.

Natural Sex Boosters

No one is immune from the effects of reduced testosterone levels and "male menopause".

It can affect captains of industry and top sportsmen just as much as others. But if anyone tells you that a declining sex drive is something that you just have to put up with as you get older – they're wrong. Modern science and traditional medicine can join forces to show how popular natural sex boosters work. Many of the active ingredients in traditional herbs have been investigated to work out just what it is in the herb which gives the good results.

Thousands of men and women are discovering the benefits of natural sex boosters like tribulus terrestris, horny goat weed, avena sativa, tongkat ali, maca, muira puama, and ginseng.

However do not expect these natural products to work as quickly as pharmaceuticals, Natural sex boosters work a little slower, and while they may take a few days to work, they often provide additional benefits such as boosting libido and enhancing sensations.

Where To For Middle Aged Men & Declining Sex Drives?

Many middle aged men face the double whammy of declining potency and climbing stress levels, but for all the challenges of restructured 21st century lives, there has also never been a time when men have had so many options and opportunities.
Middle aged men (40 and 60 years old) are now times for renewal and reinvention, for restoring sane balance and enjoyment, with time and energy to invest in personal projects sidelined during years when energy was spent on establishing careers and providing for young families.
Rather than being a time of diminished choice, it's increasing one of expanded choices on all fronts, including maintaining a healthy sex life.
Time to let the primal man out to play, and to embrace the spirit of the Mexican proverb “El macho vive mientras el cobardo quiere” - The macho lives while the coward wishes he could…
There's no time like today . . .

Middle Aged Men Still Achieve Great Things

Multi billion dollar food chains McDonald's and Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) were both started by men in the fifth and sixth decades. Clint Eastwood won two Oscars for films he directed and acted in (Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby) after he turned 60. Frank Lloyd Wright created New York's amazing Guggenheim Museum when he was 80.
Actor Paul Newman started racing cars professionally at an age when most race car drivers are thinking about giving it up, last competed in the 24 Hours of Daytona at the age of 75 and built a sauce business in retirement which has given millions to charities.

There's No Time Like Today

It takes many men up to three years to admit their erections are not as strong or as reliable as they used to be and to do something about it.  Don't wait that long and suffer in silence.  Take a step today to take control of your health and seek solutions for erectile dysfunction. Ask your health practitioner, become better informed about the options available to you, make a decision on  what suits your personal needs best and to echo the famous Nike slogan, Just Do It!