Something Stronger to Feel Better? | Herbal Ignite

Something Stronger to Feel Better?

Hey, are you looking for something stronger?

For most women Herbal Ignite for Her performs perfectly well. On occasion however customers have asked if we can provide a stronger solution.
Hence, we would like to introduce to you our new Complete Menopause Solution. A powerful product combinationpairing Herbal Ignite for Her with Femme Balance Tonic to support menopausal symptoms, the reduction of hot flushes, reduced mood swings and increased libido. 

Why Femme Balance Tonic?

Femme Balance Tonicis a homeopathic preparation used to balance the portal circulatory system and the body's water balance and climacteric symptoms (this is where the hot flushes come from). This tonic is extremely effective in dealing with hot flushes and night sweats. 
  • It supports the management of hot flushes during Menopause
  • Assists with mood swings
  • Reduces bloating and irritability
You’ll likely know Herbal Ignite for Her uses a special selection of herbs to help restore hormone balance, lift your mood, and works to increase your energy reserves, relieve stress and boost your sex drive. 
When Femme Balance Tonic is paired together with Herbal Ignite for Her, you should get stronger results to support menopausal symptoms and increase libido, perfect timing to get you re-energized for Summer! 
To celebrate the introduction of this new combo (and the other new combo listed), take 5% offthe already discounted combo price by using discount code: 5%OFF at checkout.
Be quick! Offer expires midnight 16th October.

Complete Menopause Solution

A second new combo for those looking to calm stress and anxiety:

Stress Less For Her

This 2 month combo consists of 2 bottles of Herbal Ignite for Her and 1 bottle of Stress Less Tonic. Stress Less Tonic is a homeopathic tonic that works to:

  • Calm the central nervous system
  • Relax the mind
  • Fast acting in times of stress, anxiety, grief, angst or anger
Stress Less Tonic compliments Herbal Ignite for Her and when combined they are a powerful remedy for supporting stress and anxiety and increasing energy and libido levels.