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Dont panic if you are experiencing an inability to perform in the bedroom – its estimated that about half of all men aged between 40 and 70 suffer from ED to some extent and it becomes more common with age. 

The good news is that simple lifestyle changes may be enough to ward off the problem. That's because new research indicates erectile dysfunction is more common among men with diabetes, or other risk factors for heart disease impacted by lower levels of exercise, than those who are physically active. 

Regular exercise and a healthy diet may improve erectile dysfunction by reducing these risk factors.



All-natural Herbal Ignite aids both the physical and psychological conditions. This includes supporting blood flow and increasing testosterone levels to support erections and muscle mass, as well as aiding stress relief and combating fatigue and improving energy levels. The herbal formula works in a three-fold action:

  • It stimulates mens hormonal system to produce more testosterone; the male hormone which governs sexual performance and which naturally declines as men age.
  • It works to improve energy levels, reduce stress and restore a sense of well being.
  • It helps to promote blood supply to the penis and to enhance erections.

It's 100% natural, plant based, GMO and dairy free

  • No Nasty Headaches
  • No Injections
  • Does Not Generally Interfere With Other Medications (anticoagulants or medications for heart disease the exception)
  • No Prescription Required


MURRAY B (New Zealand)

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Since taking your herbal ignite however I have very strong erections, great lasting power, and never fail to reach orgasmic pleasures. I shall continue to take my herbal ignite whilst I feel I have such great sex drive again, there are no side effects for me, other than experiencing frequent early morning wake up erections like I used to get as a teenager.

JEREMY H (Napier)

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The last time I had a decent erection was about 12 BC until I tried Herbal Ignite, now I rise to the occasion every time and my wife hasn't stopped smiling since!!

GARY B (West Coast)

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‘Lively Love Life!’ “Ignite is (expletive deleted) amazing! I’ve got a lot more energy and it’s livened up my love life no end.