Herbal Ignite - Testimonials

“Herbal Ignite has multiple benefits, not only has it improved my libido but it has similar ingredients that are present in other dietary supplements which are good for the liver and kidney.”

Brent P*

“My husband and I are both taking Ignite. From my point of view it worked in about three weeks. Not only do I feel better but I have more interest in being intimate with my husband. I can now be aroused very easily. And I don't hear him complaining either.”

Toni R.*

* Disclaimer: results may vary

Herbal Ignite for Couples

A solution developed by a couple, for couples

20 years ago, popular radio talkback host Tim Bickerstaff developed a sexual health supplement with his partner, Jenny, as a herbal alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. Unable to find a natural supplement on the market that was effective, they worked with a biochemist to design a supplement that utilised the highest concentration of the most powerful ingredients. Herbal Ignite worked, and they went on to market their side-effect free natural supplement to the benefit of tens of thousands of couples.

They went on to develop a suite of New Zealand - made products to support men’s health and women’s health that reflected the same brand promise; high concentration, high-quality natural supplements that work.