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May 10, 2017 5 min read

Elevate your sex life with arousal lubricants

How personal gels can help you build physical intimacy

What is a sex lubricant?

Sexual lubricants for women are designed to reduce friction during sex – making it more enjoyable. They are also known as arousal gels, as they often contain ingredients that can heighten sexual response.

Sexual lubricants are for both men and women. They heighten the sensations of pleasure by stimulating the erogenous zones and increase the desire to have sex.

Who needs a sex lubricant?

Intercourse needs vaginal lubrication. However, during menopause – and sometimes even before – hormonal changes can often lead to vaginal dryness. And even when a woman is able to produce enough vaginal wetness, lubricants can make penetration – and the sexual experience – better.

3 kinds of lubricants available

There are various different formulations of lubricants and it’s important to find one that’s right for you. The types of lubricants available are:

  1. Water-based. Many contain glycerin, which is a healthy option. However, if you’re prone to yeast infections, a glycerin-free option is likely to be a better choice.
  2. Oil-based. These are not recommended, as they can change the PH of the vagina, which can encourage bacterial growth. Oils can also break down latex condoms. Lubricants such as coconut oil, almond oil, Vaseline and similar lotions are all oil-based.
  3. Silicone-based. These are long-lasting and work well in water, but are not the best choice if used together with silicone toys, as a silicon lubricant may damage its surface. You will need to use soap and water to remove it from any surface – including yourself.

Lubricants can help with physical touch essential for intimacy

Lubricants can be used to help build intimacy between couples, as its application involves close, personal touching. A survey conducted by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University in the U.S. shows there is a big disconnect between a couple’s desire to be touched and the amount of physical connection they actually experience.

According to the survey results, 87 percent of men and women in committed relationships rated touch as very, or extremely, important in building intimacy. However, more than a third say their partner does not touch them often enough.

This gap between what men and women want and what they actually experience is a huge red flag for intimacy.  However it is easily addressed and, given sufficient attention, it could help couples experience a more positive and fulfilling relationship.

“Touch is important for sustaining a healthy relationship, but it’s also necessary for our feelings of connection, safety and overall well-being,” says Dr. Justin R. Garcia, Associate Director for Research and Education at The Kinsey Institute. 

“People who experience regular loving touch benefit from increased oxytocin levels, which has been associated with lower heart rates and lower blood pressure, and over time can decrease a person’s risk for many serious health ailments. Scientific research tells us that affectionate touch is important for our emotional and physical wellbeing.”

3 tips to build physical intimacy

Physical touch leads naturally into sexual intimacy, so your relationship is likely to improve if you give it the necessary attention. Try these connection tips to increase intimacy and see how they pay dividends in the bedroom!

  1. Increase the amount of time that you’re physically connected. This includes holding hands and caressing each other. According to the Kinsey survey, 51 percent of couples like to be touched on the genitals, followed by the hands and neck (45 percent). But avoid the armpits or feet – these are the least favourite touch areas!
  2. Try something that brings you both into physical contact. This could include something new, like learning to partner dance, or going on good old-fashioned thrill rides like the rollercoaster. Having fun while being in close physical contact builds intimacy and bonding and definitely falls into the foreplay category.
  3. A sensual massage is relaxing and shows your partner that you care. Create the right environment using soft lighting and gentle music.

If you’ve made physical and emotional connection a priority, this should have both partners ready to engage sexually when the lights are dimmed. A way to continue intimate touching is to use an arousal gel. These pleasure lubricants are suitable for men and women and help both partners get in the mood. They also heighten the sensations of pleasure by stimulating the erogenous zones and increase the desire to have sex.

While there are a number of sex lubricants available, satisfaction levels do vary. If you want an experience that’s more natural and longer lasting, consider an all-natural personal lubricant like Ignite Intimate Gel.

How does Ignite Intimate Gel work?

Ignite Intimate Gel is a water-based, totally natural proprietary formula of rainforest herbs, L-Arginine and Carrageenan Gum, formulated to stimulate natural lubrication and aid sexual arousal and libido in men and women. It helps ensure you are ready for sex, rather than having to wait for your body to catch up.

It is especially useful for post-menopausal women, when the vaginal wall may become thinner and lubrication doesn’t readily occur. Used sensitively, the gel can add a sense of play and affection to love making. The idea is to massage a pea-sized drop of the gel directly into her intimate areas during foreplay.

Applied to the genitals 10 to 15 minutes before love making, the specially formulated ingredients in Ignite Intimate Gel help smooth the physical aspects of love making as well as heighten sexual response and encourage better orgasms. Amongst its benefits, Ignite Intimate Gel:

  • Helps natural lubrication.
  • Increases satisfaction.
  • Optimises sexual response and orgasm.
  • Is totally natural and is gentle on the skin, with no irritation.

The personal lubricant formula includes L-Arginine, which is a newly discovered sexual stimulant, which clinical studies have shown lifts libido and increases both the quality of sexual sensations and frequency of orgasm.

  • L-Arginine increases blood flow to the genitals, enhancing arousal.
  • 71 percent of the women in one L-Arginine study reported increased sexual desire and felt happier with their sex lives.

Ignite Intimate Gel sex lubricant also includes Damiana, a shrub grown in Central America, used historically to increase sexual desire. Damiana is known as the ‘ultimate feel-good herb’ for women because it helps balance female hormone levels, control hot flushes and is renowned its libido enhancing qualities.

Herbal Ignite Intimate Gel natural personal lubricant

Ignite Intimate GelThe pure and natural ingredients in Ignite Intimate Gel are presented in a smooth lubricant gel that has no irritating side effects. It is guaranteed free of all petrochemical by-products, parabens or mineral oils and is condom-safe. Ignite Intimate Gel has helped many men and women enjoy a better sex life since it was launched a number of years ago. It has a high number of repeat customers and many testimonials of sexually satisfying results.

It is 100% natural and free of unpleasant side effects. It is made in New Zealand to the highest standards, with thorough testing and guarantees of no adulteration or undeclared ingredients.

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Disclaimer. This information is provided for general informational purposes only and does not substitute for the advice provided by your medical professional. Always seek specific medical advice for treatment appropriate to you. Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed.

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