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How to show your liver some winter love!

Love Your Liver & Live Longer

According to a research published in the Archives of Internal Medicine¹, cholesterol levels are highest during the winter months and lowest during summer months. The seasonal variation in cholesterol levels can lead to more progression of fatty liver disease in the winter. Fatty liver occurs when the liver is overloaded with fat and this build-up of fat damages the liver cells impacting liver function (digestion, detoxification and metabolism) and overall health. By keeping the liver healthy you will feel younger, look healthier and improve your overall lifespan. 

4 Ways To Support Liver Function This Winter

 Your liver is an important organ with many essential functions. Therefore, it makes sense to do what you can to protect it. Here are a few ways you can support your liver this winter:

1.  Limit Alcohol

Too much alcohol can damage liver cells and lead to the swelling or scarring that becomes cirrhosis, which can be deadly. How much alcohol is too much? The Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand (ALAC) recommends no more than 15 standard drinks of alcohol per week for men or 10 standard drinks for women.

2. Get More Active

Exercise, paired with diet, can help you lose extra weight and manage your liver disease. Aim to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise on most days of the week.

3. Eat Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and radishes can be beneficial food for liver health. A recent study in men² with fatty liver found that broccoli sprout extract, which is high in beneficial plant compounds, improved liver enzyme levels and decreased oxidative stress. 

4. Take Supplements 

 Essential Liver Cleanse Combo For Him We have developed a combination pack to consistently cleanse your liver and repair damage. The Essential liver cleanse combo contains Herbal Ignite for Him, Intense Detox Tonic, & Detox Tonic & Turmeric Plus. Or you can buy any of these products separately. 

Intense Detox Tonic is an over-the-counter dietary homeopathic tonic that helps to detoxify the liver from the effects of chlorinated drinking water, the use of antibiotics and hormones in animal produce, pesticides and herbicides used in farming and assists with bowel regularity, bloating and encourages liver balance.

Turmeric Plus is an over-the-counter dietary supplement that helps stimulate your own anti-oxidant glutathione production which aids detox results, assists the reduction of inflammation of an overworked liver and can support the growth of good gut bacteria.

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