• Found the product very helpful, it has definitely eased all my prostate troubles and made a dramatic difference in my prostate health since I started using the product in 2010. Will use this product forever. Chris P, Whangarei*
  • It’s been marvellous really. I was getting up three or four times a night now it’s down to two. It’s made a huge difference. I was driving a taxi and I got to know where all the toilets are but you still have to make them. Robert P*
  • I was getting up and down a lot but also when I first used it I wanted to pee really wanted to pee but I couldn’t. It restored normal flow and made a big difference. I am still getting up aT night but the flow is much better. Colin S*
  • I had a problem with urinating.  After I started taking them I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He said it was not aggressive and that a lot of men my age have prostate cancer and it won’t kill them.  It’s quite common and you can live quite happily with it. My PSA level was 16 at this stage.   He gave me three months to think about it and when I went back my PSA level was 10. Three months after that it was down to 9. My urinary flow is good, it’s been better ever since it took those capsules. I told him I wouldn’t take any further treatment, just keep a close watch on it and he said that was a very wise decision, especially as my PSA was trending down. Harry K*
  • It’s been quite good. I’m on my second lot.  The number of times I get up during the night has halved from four to two. I’m going to get my brother onto it. He’s getting up about six times a night and he’s four years younger than me. Lawrence W*


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