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Timing is everything, especially in the bedroom! If you are climaxing far quicker than you and your partner would like, sex may be dissatisfying for both of you. This issue is commonly known as premature ejaculation or PE. Depending on its severity it can be frustrating to downright embarrassing and also be having a negative effect on your relationship. Did you know that there is a solution to it, you don't have to live with this issue. We'll share with you what you can do to last longer in bed.


There is no set time to exactly how long you should last during sex but it's probably too soon if it's less that a few minutes after you start. This is a common issue that affects 30%-40% of men at some stage during their life, so please don't feel like you are alone in this. It's a problem because when you ejaculate you lose your erection and can't continue having sex, often leaving you and your partner feeling dissatisfied.


PE has been linked to broader erectile dysfunction issues and treating ED can have a very positive effect on lessening premature ejaculation and fixing the issue.
Other emotional factors also play a role in premature ejaculation including; stress, depression, performance anxiety, guilt and relationship problems.


There are 90 capsules per bottle taken daily according to your body weight. You should start to experience benefits in as little as a week or two and herbs are most effective when taken for 60 to 90 days. You dont need to be on Herbal Ignite for Him continuously – the formulation suffuses your body and helps you to reap positive effects for some time.

It's 100% natural and made in NZ


In a recent survey, 86% of people who have used Herbal Ignite said it helped them achieve their goals.



BEN P (Australia)

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I used to have a terrible problem with premature ejaculation and really suffered from anxiety, embarrassment and fear of intimacy as a result of it. I've been using Herbal Ignite for Him for about 3 months now, and thankfully I can report that all is well and good in the bedroom, I feel at ease, I now last a good amount of time and my partner always feels satisfied with my efforts. Huge pat on the back to Rob and the team at Intenza for coming up with such a great solution to what is a very debilitating issue.

TREVOR H (New Zealand)

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To say that my performance was over before it began is probably the biggest understatement of the year. Being gay already had its fair share of hangups for me and adding premature ejaculation into the mix was leaving me feel depressed and like there was something majorly wrong with me, finally a kind partner opened up to me that they had the same issue and used Herbal Ignite to completely fix premature ejaculation. So I tried it for a few weeks and to my surprise - problem solved.